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Finca San José Ocaña

Finca San José Ocaña

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Strawberry Taffy, Chocolate & Berry Mousse, Syrupy

Origin: San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala.
Producer: Finca San José Ocaña, Guillermo Sanchez
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1,850 M.A.S.L.

80% Bourbon, 20% Caturra

Origin Story

Guillermo Sanchez took over the family farm in 2013 and reduced its size to focus on higher-quality yields. He is an agronomist and chemical engineer by trade, and pays his workers more than any of his neighbors. Fields are fertilized with the waste-waster from the estate’s wet mill, while livestock graze those fields, producing manure for a worm farm that produces fertilizer for the coffee and veggie crops. The farm is shaded mostly with native pine. Every bit of water is used, throughout washing and fermentation, leaving zero waste.