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Luis Eduardo Campos

Luis Eduardo Campos

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Fresh Berries, Chocolate Caramelized Orange

Origin: Terrazú, Costa Rica
Producer: Cordillera del Fuego, Luis Eduardo Campos
Processing: Anaerobic, Sun-Dried
Elevation: 1,600-1,750 M.A.S.L.

100% Caturra

Origin Story

Luis Eduardo Campos is an independent coffee farmer in the region of Terrazú, Costa Rica. This coffee is like no other. After precise picking of mature coffee cherries, it is depulped and put into stainless steel drums with all of its mucilage in tact. Here, in the absence of free oxygen, an anaerobic process begins, accentuating the development of lactic and malic acids, resulting in a complex flavor profile. The coffee is then sun-dried. The farm, Cordillera del Fuego, is named so for its residence in a volcanic range, where the soil contributes to the dynamic terroir.